The groom will love the wedding photo session if…

What you need to know before the wedding

It’s cool when both the bride and groom enjoy the wedding and the photo shoot! 

A few tips for brides (and photographers will also find it useful to read) if the groom does not show enthusiasm and interest in the photo shoot: ⠀ 

1. References. Most likely, he rarely takes pictures and does not know how to pose. It is uncomfortable when the outcome is not clear. I advise you to save pictures with poses, the photographer should always show what exactly to do. Show him photos from Pinterest that you like, let him tell you his opinion. ⠀

2. Mood. Don’t swear or force, it’s not worth it! It is better to get a few good photos than a lot where you are tired and angry. This is your day! Talk, laugh, have fun, praise each other! ⠀ 

3. Organization. Hire wedding organizers, then you will have time to take pictures and relax. ⠀ 

4. Time. It is not necessary to do a photo session for 5 hours, two is quite enough. ⠀ 

5. Place and clothing. Choose a location together. Make sure the suit fits the groom well and is comfortable. Any man will love photographs if he looks beautiful and confident on them.