Visual strategy

Why do you need a visual strategy

Your Instagram page is your online image. 

What exactly is meant by visual strategy? This is a feed of your posts (especially the first 12), your avatar, profile and highlights stories. 

Modern people have no time. So they make a decision to subscribe or not in a second. You need a fantastic Instagram grid to grab their attention. 

A decent individual visual will ensure the trust of subscribers and increase the number of orders! We very often choose with our eyes. 

When people decide who to subscribe, they rate the appearance of your profile as “high-quality-not-high-quality”, “expensive-not expensive”, “who is this person / what kind of store is this?” “What is this person doing?” “Do I look like his clients?”, “Do I like the colors?” And all these assessments are about intuition. 

Therefore, it is so important to feel your target audience. If you are running your Instagram as a blogger, expert, or entrepreneur, if you want to increase the number of loyal subscribers — do not let them pass by because the visual did not reflect the personality of your brand. 

I can write up a strategy, choose clothes, location, poses, take a photos, make a video backstage. And I will make your new selling avatar and 30 photos ready for posts, arranged in the right sequence! All that you need to lay out the photos according to the plan and add texts. 

Write me a message to transform your Instagram!


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