Terms of reference for the photographer

You don’t know what to shoot, what content will come in, how to explain to your soulmate / friend what photos you need?

You can use this personal instruction yourself, or give it to your photographer, it is suitable for both shooting with a smartphone and shooting with a camera. 

You will know exactly what result you will get at the photo session. So many times clients came to me who seemed to have done a business photo shoot — but it was not suitable for their promotion! Banal, pinched photos in a suit that won’t respond to customers. And they certainly will not arouse interest and trust. Don’t waste your time and money on lifeless business portraits from the 90s! Choose a conscious approach.

With a technical task, you will achieve more results in less time.

Price 65$

Terms of reference for the photographer. A brand and personal photographer
  • Pre-composition mini-interview (I will ask you a few questions to clarify your goals) 
  • Recommendations for choosing the style of clothing for shooting Selection of references (examples of images) 
  • The terms of reference itself in pdf format for a photographer with a concept, poses, recommendations for locations and photo examples, about the shooting style, technical parameters.