Rusals week

The traditions of Ancient Russia.

In early June, when the fields are waiting for dew, which will revive them, Semik comes to the forests and fields of the north. Naviy Great Day. Kon-pairem. An ancient holiday that opens the gates of the coming Rusals week, Osal Viy. Day of the Spirits. Day of the Dead. 

Once a beautiful maiden emerged from cold waters, carrying fertility to the earth, rode out of the river on horseback, irrigating fields. Since ancient times, a ritual of driving a mermaid has been going on in the villages — in memory of the water maidens, the guys led the horses along the roads by the bridle, and then drowned them, sacrificing to the gods of the hoary antiquity. 

 But the centuries pass and the appearance of the ancient action changes, and now they are tearing to pieces and drowning not a sacrificial horse, but only a stuffed animal of it. The descendants will pensively look at the skulls of ancient horses sacrificed by their ancestors, remembering what the holiday of Semik used to be.