Retouching services for your photos

I enjoy working as a retoucher! My customers are not only professional photographers, but also people who want to improve instagram photos.

Sale 50%!

  • Basic retouching 8 4 €per one photo
  • Newborn retouching 8 4 €per one photo
  • Art retouching 10 5 €per one photo
  • High End 12 6 € per one photo
  • Lightroom batch photo processing 0,800,40 €per photo
  • Collage 25 12,50 €per photo
  • Processing photos in the style of watercolor paintings 2 1 €



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Examples of my retouch below. The are my photos and several originals taken from the Internet, but all retouch is mine.

High End

High End retouching services mean a retouch up level, which has numerous picture post processing methods and extraordinary artistic modifications

Art retouching

Photo processing (portrait, family, wedding, children) in an artistic style

Newborn retouching

Color correction, retouching of the skin, remove excess objects, create a collage, if necessary

Base retouching

Color correction, skin retouching, liquify


Change background, add elements, draw light and shadow


Processing photos in the style of watercolor paintings

Batch processing

Processing 30−500 photos in lightroom (cropping, color correction, exposure)

Batch photo processing

Retouch | Montenegro wedding, portrait, family photographer

Examples of my processing before / after:

Please, write me a message! I will be glad to work with you!


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