1. Collecting references 

2. Choosing a subject, planning shots

3. Photo session in several locations 

4. All successful photos in color correction 

5. 5 photos in detailed retouching 

6. Video for Reels, if it's a content shoot 

7. Access to photos on cloud drive

Price starts from 150💲

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Price and FAQ. A brand and personal photographer

Why is shooting with a smartphone better than a camera?

I recommend shooting with a smartphone, as we will have time to shoot much more. Bloggers specifically make content on the phone to look natural and interesting. Better for Instagram. And I can take pictures with a phone everywhere! Now it is a trend, and even magazines are increasingly choosing mobile photographers.

*Where is the best place to take pictures?

*I send examples of routes and a list of the best locations to everyone who order a photo shoot!

What equipment do you shoot with?

Photos on a camera are more suitable for printing, they have higher quality. I use professional Sony cameras, I also have interchangeable lenses, a flash, constant light and a tripod. I shoot mobile and video on Xiaomi MI10.

When will you send photos?

The processing time is 2 weeks, but usually it is faster. I give away all the materials on a cloud drive. And also, on the day of shooting, I send some of the best shots.

What is the payment method?

Payment on the day of shooting, you can pay in Turkish Lira.

How many photos you will made?

About 50 successful photos from one hour of shooting

Can you not post my photos?

I am proud to add photos from each shoot to my portfolio. But if you want the confidential shooting then I did not publish photos anywhere. It will be cost + 50% to the package price.

How many days in advance do you need to write?

It is better to write me a week before the desired date. But you can ask even a day in advance — there may be free time. Don’t be shy, I will always answer in a friendly way! :)

I don’t know how to pose,I am not photogenic, what should I do?

Sometimes people come to me without a posing experience. But in the end, their photos are indistinguishable from pictures with professional models! Our solution is the selection of good angles and references so that you understand exactly how to pose throughout the shooting. I constantly say what to do, direct. The main thing is a friendly and cheerful atmosphere at the shooting, I assure you, we will get natural and beautiful shots!

How long are photos stored on the cloud drive? o

I am sending you a link with photos on a cloud drive. They are stored there for exactly 1 month, so I advise you to definitely save them on several media.

I don’t have suitable clothes for a photo shoot, can I really buy one at a time?

In the “Standard” and “Premium Content” packages, I offer help with choosing clothes. If you only need clothes for photographs, you can buy them and return them the same day if they are not damaged.

Additional services:

Retouching of each additional photo — $6

Art retouching - starts 15$ per photo

Composing a feed for 12 posts - 20$

I would love to be your photographer!

Whatsapp: +905074317083