Outfit for photo session

This article is about how to choose clothes to session.

Before shooting, we discuss the clothes with the client. 

The result largely depends on this! 

So, we: 

— Discuss the subject and location of the shooting in order to understand what style the clothes will be. For example, we want to shoot an image in the style of the 50s, so we need to look for the appropriate cafe and outfit. 

— I ask, if you already have the necessary clothing and accessories. If not, then we look at the sites for renting clothes and shops where you can buy / rent it. For example, you can find an 18th century dress, or a steampunk outfit. “If you don’t want to rent anything, then you can show me the options from your wardrobe. For example, you have a red beret and a vintage dress and we choose them for a photo shoot in the park. 

— Discussing accessories and props on the set. Again, an example — yesterday with Polina we decided that at home she had an interesting easel, a picture and paints, and I helped to choose a red dress with flowers in her wardrobe.