Greetings to all who fell in love! Here you can see examples of my love stories. A few recommendations before the photo shoot:

  • Do you want to be yourself, or want to become the heroes of your favorite movie? The choice is yours. I work with professional makeup artists, stylists, dressers and decorators who will help to realize any image.
  • The photoshoot will be livelier and more interesting if we use something that truly talks about your couple. Think about your joint hobbies, favorite things and places. Maybe it will be a story about how you met, or how you decided to get married. You can choose a style and we will discuss the costumes. I will give you some suggestions.
  • It is advisable to choose clothes that are in harmony with each other in color and style. Fabrics with a texture look good, but please without patterns, maybe just with a small unobtrusive print.