Instagram account audit

Account audit is suitable for novice experts and bloggers. And also for those who looking to relaunch their personal brand. 

After the consultation, you will have a new content strategy. At the same time, you will retain all your advantages, but you will never repeat mistakes again.

Instagram account audit. A brand and personal photographer

The service “Instagram account audit” includes: 

-1 hour online consultation on the main points of the profile. 

-Discussion of your goals and characteristics of the target audience. 

-An analysis of the name on Instagram and an analysis of a profile photo.

-An analysis of the design of the profile header and highlits stories. 

-Parsing the feed visual (your personal brand in photos, profile color schemes, content types, arrangement of photos in the feed) 

-At the exit I will send you a checklist with general recommendations for changing the account visual.

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