Lessons of photography and retouching in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

I provide training for children and adults in Istanbul. 

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Индивидуальные уроки онлайн. A brand and personal photographer

The course will solve these problems for you:

  • How to consciously etch a shot so that it will be of interest to many people, not just friends 
  • How to take a photo of your mother/friend/sister/acquaintance so that it looks beautiful and professional. 
  • How can I explain to you in a nutshell how you need to remove it, so that later you don’t have to remove it with tears in your eyes. 
  • How to quickly and effectively use the advantages of any location and make great shots there for a month in advance. 
  • How to take a picture of your handmade / product for sale / advertising. 
  • What an impeccable watch, to distinguish the tasteless from the worthwhile. 
  • How to decide style so that subscribers pay attention to your photos on social networks. 

For children here, first of all, acquaintance with the world of art and the foundations of a future promising profession is valuable. For adults, a new skill to take pictures of yourself, your family and get a job as a content photographer.

Mobile shooting lessons

Group: The lesson is individual for one, or in a group of 2-3 people. It is possible together with the child. Suitable for children from 9 years old

What’s need: any mobile phone with a camera and a notebook with a pen. 

The training program is a squeeze of the most valuable knowledge. As a result, you will be able to work as a content photographer for bloggers and experts!

Price: 20$ for a class

Look, this is how I shoot pictures on my phone, and I will teach you how to shoot even better! 

You will definitely succeed, thanks to an intensive interesting program and practice! 

And I will talk about the hidden potential of your mobile camera, personal experience, share skills and secrets!

Индивидуальные уроки онлайн. A brand and personal photographer