Collage. A brand and personal photographer

One of the trends of 2022 and how to use it to promote the service.

Simple and tasteful — the collage has become very popular on Instagram and you can shoot it right in your story! This is one of the functions, like a boomerang. Now most often it is used to show aesthetics and wish good morning. But you can use it to show the stages of your work🤍 

Take a variety of shots: long shot, medium portrait, detail, emotions. For example, your work is related to a laptop, then the collage will look like this: 

1. Coffee, part of a laptop, a magazine 

2. General shot, you are in a cafe, looking at your laptop and smiling 

3. Portrait, you are thinking what to write or laughing in headphones 

4. A screen shot that will say something about your work, how the result has grown, or a video call with a client. 

I’m used to making collages in Unfold or Capcut.