Interview (a brief before analyzing the account)

A secret list of helpful questions to help you figure out how to properly position yourself on Instagram.
I ask them before writing a visual strategy. Some questions will be more or less relevant to you, it is not necessary to answer all of them. But when you analyze your account and your goals — you will get the desired result.

Interview (a brief before analyzing the account). A brand and personal photographer

1. Look at your last 12 photos on Instagram, what does the general view of the feed tell to an outside viewer? 

2. Who do you want to be on Instagram? 

3. The goal that you want to achieve? 

4. Who is your target audience? 

5. What is the price category of your services / products? 

6. What style of clothes do you wear most often? 

7. What colors would you like for your Instagram feed? 

8. Do you like dark or light colors? 

9. What is your main advantage? 

10. What are your resources, acquaintances, skills, things, what “turns you on”? 

11. Your three worthy competitors / idols on Instagram (if you know) 

12. A character with traits close to you (fictional hero or media star) 

13. What cities do you visit most often, what city do you live in?


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