The emperor and the nightingale

The Emperor learns that a bird girl, beautiful as the moon, lives in the forest. And her dances and songs make the heart stop. He orders to bring her to personally see this miracle, which is so much talked about. A sweet girl unfolds her wings in dance and bewitches with her art. 

The emperor decides that he will not let the bird free, fearing that it will fly away forever. Now the girl in gold outfits in a cage, but her crown is heavy and too tight for dancing. The emperor is upset. 

He understands that there is no place for a free bird in the palace and generously lets her go. But the girl herself does not want to fly away, seeing that the emperor loves her, she sacrifices freedom… 

Photo: Marina Bogumil, 

Stylist, accessories: Svetlana Kostina, 

Models: Sveta Petrakova, Artem Sergeev 

Studio: Leona Stage


Фотосессии в Алании, визуал для инстаграм