(instagram visual strategy)

I will package your account so that it sells!

The grid view for Instagram is the most important thing! A common style forms your personal brand. Customers buy on Instagram from real people they trust.

The imagebook will suit you if:

  • Expert (for example, photographer, psychologist, designer)
  • Businessman (if your account a business project, or company project)
  • Blogger (share your travel, family or hobby experience)

You will not have a headache about what to post on Instagram, what to wear, what to write about — this strategy will save you from unnecessary emotional and monetary costs! 

When new people land on your page, they decide to subscribe or not in a matter of seconds. Decent personalized visuals will ensure a subscriber’s trust and increase the number of orders!

Read more about the importance of visual strategy in my blog.

Visual Instagram Strategy. A brand and personal photographer

The “Imagebook” service includes:

A selling visual strategy for Instagram in pdf format

  • Brief (I will ask you a few questions to understand your goals)
  • General advices
  • The heart of your brand (what should and shouldn’t be in your brand culture, core features and limitations)
  • Your style vector (your type)
  • Recommendations, what clothes, shoes, accessories are fit you
  • Your target audience
  • Locations for shooting in your city
  • Text Themes for Posts
  • Color harmony for your Instagram feed (the main colors that you will adhere to in posts and stories)
  • Attributes (items that should be visible in photos characterize your professional activity)
  • Recommendations for the profile header text
  • Recommendations for avatar and highlights
  • Subjects of photos in the feed
  • Recommendations for stories   
  • References for future photos
  • Future grid from references 
  • Apps for proccesing 
  • What you need to do before launching a target
  • Online consultation (we will discuss all the points)

+ Present! .doc file with all the links you need and a preset for the mobile version of Lightroom!