Dear Parents! Here you can see examples of my family portfolio. A few recommendations before the photo shoot:

  • The most important thing is the positive attitude, because a photo shoot is a small celebration, when everything is together, and it is a memory for years!
  • If you would not like to go somewhere far from home, it is possible! Very beautiful photos can be taken near the house.
  • What style could express the personality of your family? What do you like? If you in doubt, I will give you some suggestions.
  • It is advisable to choose clothes that are in harmony with each other in color and style. Fabrics with a texture look good, but please without patterns, maybe just with a small unobtrusive print.
  • Take a favorite toy of your child. We can choose the time for shooting when the child had the best rest, as a rule this time after sleep and lunch.

Фотосессии в Алании, визуал для инстаграм