What is moodboard and references?

Reference is a photo/drawing/video that helps during work. Why are references needed at a photo shoot?

What is moodboard and references?. A brand and personal photographer

Let’s say Maria wants to sign up for a shoot with me, and she wants a street photo session. But she has never posed before and she needs help. In addition, there is no understanding of what is better to wear, what will be in the photos. 

Then I open pinterest.com and assemble a moodboard — a board with reference images. I save the necessary poses that look advantageous, examples of clothes, locations, angles. It is very important to do this before shooting, so we agree on the style, props, think about what is already in the client’s wardrobe, and what can be rented / purchased. 

As for poses, I take printouts with them for shooting, it’s much easier and faster to show what needs to be done. References inspire and educate, they are used by all professional photographers, designers and illustrators. 

Of course, you should not copy completely, you need to create a unique one based on references, add your own look. Thanks to this preparation, Maria knew how to pose, she managed to change several images. 

She is delighted with our collaboration and receives just the photos that she expected.