“What did the author want to say?”

I didn’t like this question in the literature class… “What did the author want to say?” It is not so important what the author wanted to say, because he creates a new world, an artistic canvas, space, a part of his fantasy and life. And the viewer (or reader, listener) is not a consumer, it is the same creator. A creator who experiences the influence of this work of art, brings it into the general culture, passes it on to others, becomes a part. 

It is impossible to find one real meaning in The Idiot, or to “correctly” imagine the world of The Lord of the Rings. It is much more interesting with what artistic means the author created the work, why it turned out to be outstanding. I think learning this gives inspiration to people. Therefore, there are so many interpretations and creativity of fans. And it all has a right to exist

“What did the author want to say?”. A brand and personal photographer


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