A brand and personal photographer

Content photographer in Istanbul

Hello, my name is Marina! I will make beautiful photos for you on a smartphone or camera:

1. I’ll show you the poses you need, I have references so that you don’t get lost on the set.

2. I will consult you about the style of clothing and accessories.

3. I will choose the best locations and route.

4. I will take more than 50 different photos in an hour, and you will like them!

5. I professionally retouch your photos.

5. I will make several atmospheric videos, and then I will mount Reels for your instagram.

As a result, you will receive content for at least a month!


That’s not all! You can order a content strategy so that you have no doubts about what and when to post, what image to broadcast on social networks, how to make the visual inspire your customer trust.

Types of Photography:

A brand and personal photographer


A brand and personal photographer


A brand and personal photographer



“Marina, I am very glad that we met! Working with you was very easy and productive!!! All angles were very successful and the new instagram feed will now give new life to my page ❤️”


A brand and personal photographer

Individual and mini-groups mobile photography lessons in Istanbul


A brand and personal photographer

The imagebook will suit you if:

  • Expert (for example, photographer, psychologist, designer)
  • Businessman (if your account a business project, or company project)
  • Blogger (share your travel, family or hobby experience)


About me: 

Feel comfortable with me, even if you order a photosession for the first time! I am a responsible and at the same time open and cheerful person. I know the best angles and beautiful poses for woman, man, children, couples, friends and catch the moment! 

We will have time to change several locations and images, you will remember this day as bright and joyful!

I have been working as a professional photographer for 13 years. I have worked in different parts of the world. Participant of the Black and White '17 exhibition of the Colors of Humanity Gallery in the Noteworthy nomination. Was shortlisted for the international competition The Everyday Heroine by Youmanity/ My photos are on the Vogue Italia website. I did photo shoots for figure skaters Maxim Trankov and Tatyana Volosozhar, Alexander Enbert, actress Olga Kuzmina, TV presenter Sergey Malozyomov.

I share creative content, ideas, notes about Turkey on my Instagram and Telegram. I would be grateful if you subscribe to me!

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A brand and personal photographer